Night Howl

She stares me down from above
and I bite.
Now, nobody is safe tonight.

Intoxicated by the moonlight
my eyes roll back,
my vision runs red
and I fall victim to another
violent visit.

My sprint shifts to a stagger
and I collapse on all fours—
these claws dig their way
into the dirt
as I desperately try to stay
but these fangs force their way out
ripping through reason,
while relying on instinct—
the tender string of sinew
stretches beyond my limits
and I snap—
My spine splits—
my brittle bones break
once, twice, three times—
splintering and fracturing
over and over—
until this monstrous metamorphosis
led by the moon
makes me a mangled mess
of muscle and marrow—
my body is raw, I look rough
but the ritual is complete.
I’m renewed
and ready to ravage.

A guttural growl escapes
and I howl to give them a head start.
She likes me to play
before tearing them apart.

Tonight, we feed on the flesh
of the fearful and fleeing.

This bloodlust
sabotages my senses,
it holds a cosmic control over me
and, again, my mind is lost to lycanthropy.

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