Cheat Day

Let me satiate
my sweet and salty craving
give me the grease I need and let me feed.

I feel sluggish
I feel slow
the salt is still sticking to my lips
from hours ago
when my taste buds soaked
my mouth with saliva
before I sunk my teeth in.
Slathered in condiments that spread
sloppily out of the sides
with every bite
my hands clutched the soggy wheat
as the grease secreted
from the spongy meat
and somehow this slop grew stale
well before swallowing
so I slurped the supersized sludge
to help wash it all down.
This fatty feast sloshed
in my stomach
while I settled into the sofa.
Slowly, I put myself into
a cholesterol caused coma.

I’m a glutton and this was my
guilty, greasy pleasure.

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