Under the Rainbow

My mouth is stuffed with silky spools of slime
as I’m–gulp–gurgling this gushing grime.
It’s slip sliding around and down my throat
into the core of this confusion.
I drool all the colors of the rainbow
and then some
into an oily puddle I’m sinking toward.
This thick gummy muck oozes,
slowly becoming tangible
to the point of alarm.
It’s expanding and cutting off my airway
but just so
I’m struggling to breathe
and yet still afloat.
My eyes secrete the same sludgy substance
and my vision blurs, it breaks.
The goo crawls across every nerve
and I go numb.

Green tricks my tongue,
alone it seems sweet
but as soon as it touches another
a bitter blast embeds itself
tantalizing my taste buds.

Red dribbles from my lip,
searing the skin it slides across.

Blue binds itself
to every single cell
taking hold, threatening to never let go.

Orange bleeds into my pores,
promising to provoke the pain.

Purple paints this plastered look
upon my face,
one you can’t quite figure out.

Yellow leaks and slowly sinks,
pooling around my chest
while pulling me in.

My skin is spongy from absorbing
all of these fleeting feelings
and I’ll forever froth this toxic tie-dye,
or so it seems, to cover myself
from head to toe until
I’m concealed within a congealed
shell that’ll shield me from
the next time this happens,
the next time you happen.

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