I am Here, I am Human

I am, the troll that’s tucked under the bridge

I am, the star of this sunken stage

I am, the admired guardian of this city

I am, a guest in all those memories

I am, the result of their pure passion

I am, full to the brim with hesitation

I am, going to be here for you long after you leave

I am, trying to hold onto what I believe

I am, hiding from the onslaught of judgement

I am, concerned with all of this attachment

I am, scared I might be stuck

I am, happier than I look

I am, trying my best to love myself

I am, noticing all of your perfect details

I am, lost and lonely at times

I am, trying to ignore these constructed confines

I am, conflicted with the consequences of what could be

I am, surrounded by the dust of all these dead dreams

I am, sincerely hoping you come back

Please come back. You’re not coming back.

I am,  hurt but will endure

I am, all of this and so much more.


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